Show Rules

These rules are for general guidance only. Refer to the printed Schedule for the current year for the version of the rules that will apply at that Flower Show.

1.  On all questions of eligibility of the exhibitor, the decision of the Committee shall be final.

2.  Unless otherwise stated in the Show Schedule, all exhibits must be the property of and grown or made by the exhibitor.

3. The Committee reserves the right to visit by commission, before or after a Show, gardens from which produce has been entered for competition.

4. Eligible to enter exhibits into the show, are:

Children may exhibit in any class, subject to any age qualification of that class.  Parents or grandparents are asked to ensure that any exhibits entered by children or grandchildren are the sole work of the child or grandchild.

5. Where a number or quantity of plants, flowers, fruit, or vegetables is specified in the Show Schedule, neither more nor less may be shown on pain of disqualification. Should any error be noticed by a Steward before judging, the Steward may give the exhibitor an opportunity to correct the mistake, or the Steward may correct it but shall not be obliged to do so and any disqualification shall be the exhibitor's responsibility.  The Judges may not correct an error, but may direct the attention of the Steward to it.

6.  Constitution of dishes - each must consist of one variety only unless otherwise stated.

7.  Ripeness of Fruit - unless otherwise specified in the Show Schedule, apples and  pears may be shown ripe or unripe, but other fruit must be ripe.

8.  Any exhibit which does not conform to the wording of the Show Schedule (unless corrected in accordance with rule 5) shall be disqualified and a Steward or Judge should write on the entry card "Not according to Schedule".

9.  Classes with three or less entries will normally be eligible for one cash prize only. Classes with four entries will normally be eligible for two cash prizes only. This will not apply to Division D, all classes and Division E, Classes 120 and 125 (children’s classes).  Points awards will not be affected.

10.  Any prize may be withheld or modified if the exhibits are not considered to be up to standard.

show table

11.  Decisions - on the relative merits of the exhibits, the decisions of the Judges shall be final, but the Committee reserves the decision on any other points in dispute.

12.  Protests - any protest must be made in writing to the Secretary within one hour of the Show opening to the public. Such protest must be accompanied by the payment of £1 which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

13.  After judging has taken place, except with the permission of a Steward, no exhibit shall be altered or removed until 4.00 p.m.

14.  All exhibits, personal property, etc., shall be at the risk of the exhibitor and the Committee shall not be liable for compensation for loss or damage from any cause whatsoever.

15.  All exhibits (EXCLUDING containers) will be offered for sale by auction for the benefit of the Society's funds at approximately 4.45pm unless labelled "Not for Sale” (labels may be obtained from the Entries Manager at the time of staging).

16.  Exhibitors must provide their own containers.

17.  Exhibitors must obtain entry cards from the Entries Manager before staging exhibits.  Each of these cards shows the exhibitor’s number and the class number and must be placed with the corresponding exhibit in the space allotted to that class.

18.  Trophies/Cups will be held for one year only and must be returned to the Show Entries Managers at 52, Browning Road, Church Crookham GU52 0YJ, four weeks before the next Annual Show, suitably cleaned and polished.

19.  All wines must have been produced by the exhibitor by the process of fermentation.

20.  All wines must be exhibited in clear glass punted bottles of approximately 75cl capacity. Natural all cork stoppers must be used and bottles should be filled to within 15mm of the cork.

21. A small label should be affixed at bottle shoulder height giving only the class number and the name of the main ingredient. Bottles must not bear any other mark or label.

flower exhibits